Streamline Machine Source is dedicated to providing our customers with all the help they need to produce a sterling product. We offer Project Management, Waterjet Cutting and CNC Milling services.
We are at our best when we introduce our project management skills to the project from the outset, which usually helps cut cost and time from the total project.

CAM Software

Streamline Machine Source uses the robust MasterCAM software to turn data drawings into final products for our customers.
We accept these file types: Dxf, Iges, Mcam, Prt, Parasolid and Step

Order Fulfillment

Streamline believes ongoing relationships with its customers are important, so we make it easy to kick off production runs down the road. Once we have completed orders for our customers, we keep our milling data close at hand and can start production runs as soon as the material is at hand.

Data Transfer

We use several methods for data transfer, from email to FTP to cloud-based storage. Most customers are happiest with email (link), although we introduce other methods for extremely large files.