Streamline Machine Source strives to be the leading waterjet cutting facility in West Michigan. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have the knowledge and skill necessary for unparalleled quality and timeliness.
Waterjet cutting, a modern, CNC-controlled cutting method, is an optimal choice for cutting anything from wood and rubber to the hardest metals. Our extensive experience with the waterjet cutting process has equipped us to cut complex parts with minimal waste, leading to a cost-effective process for both large production runs and one-off prototyping.


Waterjet Advantages

Waterjet cutting has a few unique advantages:

  • Material flexibility: It’s hard to stump waterjet cutting when it comes to material variety. Most other cutting methods have serious limitations for certain types of materials. Waterjet cutting has the most flexibility, able to handle acryclic to wood, felt to plastics, steel to fiberglass.
  • Material width: Waterjet cutting can handle extremely thick materials that other methods can’t. Waterjet cutting is the only feasible option when cutting materials as thick as one foot or more.
  • Heat is not an issue: Waterjet cutting doesn’t have the issues with warping and heat treating that other methods face.
  • Edge quality: With high-pressure streams, finished edges often don’t need secondary machining.
  • Seriously low waste: With a .03″-.05″width cutting path, parts can be nested together to maximize material usage and minimize waste.
  • One-off prototyping: One of the most cost-effective methods for producing one-shot prototypes, thanks to all the reasons above.